Anastasius through Justin I (491-527), including all Byzantine nummia (AE4s)
    Anastasius (491-518)
    Justin I (518-527)
    Justin I and Justinian, joint reign (527)

Justinian I (527-565)  page from 527-565

Justin II and Sophia through Phocas (565-610)
    Justin II and Sophia (565-578)
    Tiberius II (578-582)
    Maurice (582-602)
    Phocas (Focas) (602-610)

Heraclius through Nicephorus I  (610-813)
    Constans II (641-668)
    Constantine IV  (668-685)
    Justinian II (685-695 and 705-711)
    Leontius, Tiberius III, and Anastasius II
    Leo III (717-741)
    Constantine V (741-775)
    Leo IV (775-780)
    Constantine VI and Irene (780-797)
    Irene (797-802)
    Nicephorus (802-811)
Leo V through Nicephorus II (813-969)
    Michael II, the Amorian (820-829),
    Theophilus (829-842),
    Michael III, the Drunkard (842-867),
    Basil I, the Macedonian (867-886),
    Leo VI, the Wise (886-912),
    Constantine VII and Romanus I (913-959)
    Nicephorus II, Phocas (963-969)

Anonymous Bronze through John II (969-1143)
    Class A1, John I (969-976)
    Class A2, Basil II and Constantine VIII (976-1025 and 976-1028)
    Class B, Romanus III (1028-1034)
    Class C, Michael IV (1034-1041)
    Class D, Constantine IX (1042-1055)
    Class E, Constantine X (1059-1067)
    Class F, Constantine X (1059-1067), Constantine X 
    Class G, Romanus IV (1068-1071)
    Class H, Michael VII (1071-1078)
    Class I, Nicephorus III (1078-1081)
    Class J, K-N, Alexius I (1081-1118), Alexius I 
    John II (1118-1143)

Manuel I to before the restoration of the empire (1143-1261).
    Manuel I, Comnenus (1143-1180)
    Andronicus I, Comnenus (1183-1185)
    Isaac II, Angelus (1185-195)
    imitative: Latin (1204-1261) and Bulgarian
    Empire of Nicaea: Theodore I, Comnenus-Lascaris (1208-1222)
                                   John III, Ducas-Vatatzes (1222-1254)

The restored empire (1261-1453)
    Michael VIII, Palaeologus, 1261-1282, founder of the Palaeologan dynasty
    Andronicus II (1282-1328) and Michael IX (1295-1320)
    Andronicus III (1328-1341)
    Manuel I of Trebizond (1238-1263).
    John II of Trebizond (1280-1297).
    Alexius II of Trebizond (1297-1330).
    Manuel III (1390-1417)


Byzantine gold and silver
    Gold and electrum

For coins minted at Byzantine Cherson, see Byzantine Coins of Cherson.

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