Constantinopolis seated, helmeted head right, holding reversed spear and holding globe right, with her right foot on a tiny prow.
    [a variety has no globe, with her left leg forward (as opposed to her right leg forward as illustrated here).]
Theodosius Theodosius, Antioch
Common for Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius. Very rare for Arcadius. From 11 mints.
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RIC photo T (Tr 66) III.13, T-V.13 (Ar), T-XIV.10 (Ant), A-XVI.6 (Nic).
Variety:  RIC Ant 44, plate T-XIV.9, and Nic 29 plate T-XVI.2, has the figure with no globe and her left hand on her knee, "turretted" or "head right." They call it Constantinopolis, so it is a variety of this type, type 16. Here is an example for Gratian.

This type is often not distinguished properly from Type 15, which has the same legend and general appearance, but head and globe left.

Cayon G-66 (no photo there, but the one from Ant under 67, in error, is this type), V2 -- (but 3 Roma varieties!), T-58 (2, Con, Nic).

Hunter G--, V2-84.36 (Her), T-86.56 (Ant), 86.57 (Ant).

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